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As a writer, or any type of person who creates, there is no way to escape criticism. No matter how open-minded or mature you consider yourself to be, no one likes to be criticized. When you pour your heart, soul, and energy into your work, you do not want to have it picked apart.

Your work is sometimes called your baby, after all.

Somewhere back in English class, we learned that criticism can be constructive or unconstructive. Constructive criticism is helpful. It’s specific, and it gives you the feedback and suggestions you can use to improve. Unconstructive criticism, on the…

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The day after Donald Trump’s defeat, in the midst of his ongoing lawsuits alleging voter, and his refusal to concede, I wondered what pathology could explain his odd behavior and refusal to accept defeat. Was it simply denial or some type of narcissistic delusion? Had he had a break from reality, or was it simply entitlement? There was no way, in my mind, to make sense of someone insisting something to be true, when it was clear it was not — on a national platform at that. Not long after Joe Biden was declared the projected winner, Trump tweeted I…

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Your mind is the most important determinant of the kind of life you live. None of us can ever be any more than what our mind believes or conceives. Your mind determines your outlook on life and how you view yourself. It can be your shelter against any storm, or it can be a prison of your own creation. As a quote from Buddha says, “your mind is everything…what you think you become.” Thus, what can be more important than peace of mind?

Peace of mind can easily allude us when our mind works against us — instead of for…

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Joe Biden is the new president of the United States of America. He won by a slim margin of just over four million votes. I will admit, I was naive. I thought Trump would lose by a bigger margin, and that the race would be called before bedtime Tuesday night. No, this belief was not founded in logic. I knew that even though the polls showed Biden was leading, they also showed Hillary Clinton was leading in 2016 before she was defeated by Donald Trump. People I’m close to told me that Trump would win, or that he could, so…

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  1. Leftover jars of Bronx Colors face makeup in the shade of Orange BHCo6 imported from Switzerland

2. Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka

3. Melanie, um, Melania

4. Jared Kushner

4. Mike Pence and “Mother”

5. Lingering toupee hairs

6. Extra toupees

7. Spray tan residue

8. Copy of Public Speaking at the Seventh Grade Level

9. Very Good and Very Fine Book of Adjectives and Superlatives

10. Unused copy of Civics for Dummies

11. Contact information for Diamond and Silk

12. Bib, rattle, and bottle for adults

13. Manual on How to Stand Back and Stand By for white militia…

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Yesterday evening during Donald Trump’s sad and strange press conference, where he declared himself the winner of the presidential election, he lashed out at several entities including cities, states, big tech, and big media. He called the election process a “major fraud” and said “we will win this and as far as I’m concerned, we already have won it.” I don’t know if “we” means him and his team, the Republican Party as a whole, or something entirely different. …

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Election day is tomorrow. Hopefully, Trump’s Reign of Terror is coming to an end. Since his election, America has seen civil unrest unlike anything its seen in decades. This began with Trump’s “hate rallies” while on the campaign trail prior to his election in 2016. At these campaign stops, he regularly egged on his white supremacist followers with promises to Make America White, I mean Great, Again. This catchprase is incendiary because when was America ever great? Was it during slavery, Jim Crow, or any other point in history when Black Americans were disenfranchised and subjected to brutality and an…

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1. It’s okay to miss the way things were. While none of us, including experts, know if this is the “new normal,” or at least will be for the unforeseeable future, it’s natural to miss the way things were before quarantines, shelter in place orders, and daily news stories of Coronavirus victims. I know I miss sitting in Starbucks and simply going out to eat, or leaving my home without a face mask on. …

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Is today really Tuesday? It can’t be. I thought it was Monday.

Forget toilet paper. When will I be able to find more hand sanitizer?

Is Friday really my birthday?

How did I not know hot wings were so delicious?

Wow, my skin looks incredible. No makeup is the way to go.

I need to stop eating so many hot wings.

The face mask is the perfect accessory for no makeup and minimal grooming.

When’s the last time I wore real clothes?

I didn’t know YouTube could be so entertaining.

I didn’t know I could cornrow so neatly. …

Rosalyn Morris

Writer, Critic, Dreamer, M.A., Self-Improvement Fanatic…

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