A Black Woman’s Attack Is Not My Business

At least according to the majority…

Rosalyn Morris
5 min readSep 9


Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

Black women often say that we’re not safe or protected in society.

This is often seen as whining or an attack on Black men who we supposedly believe are obligated to protect us.

It’s neither.

It’s a statement.

More aptly it’s a fact.

I know many Black women who have stories of being publicly slapped, dragged by their hair out of places, beaten, or otherwise physically assaulted (usually by men) while nobody comes to their aid.

Believe it or not, these women are not looking for Superman to come and beat their assailant (who they probably know) halfway to death while they stand back and watch with a smile on their face.

When they recount their stories, what bothers these women the most is that nobody cared. Or that they could have been killed, and nobody came to their aid.

We recently saw this when a Black woman was attacked by a Black man in a takeout restaurant in Chicago while everyone in that building sat back and did nothing. This ended with her teenage son getting a gun from her car and fatally shooting her attacker.

Onlookers then lied about the Black woman starting the altercation and commanding her son to murder a “helpless” man — commanding him to shoot the man some more while he was already dying. This ended with the mother and son getting arrested on the scene and released when video evidence did not match the bystander’s statements.

I haven’t been following the story of Rho Bashe because I no longer have social media.

However, I do want to start off by saying that hitting someone in the head with a brick is attempted murder.

It is.

Rho Bashe could have been killed that day with dozens of onlookers watching and people inevitably blaming her for her own death.

There has been a ton of discourse of why nobody, specifically Black men, came to Rho’s defense when a Black man smashed her in the face with a brick.

Make no mistake about it — Rho’s assailant felt safe hitting her in the face with a brick because he…