Cheat Sheet: Ten Reasons Why Trump Must Go

Rosalyn Morris
5 min readNov 2, 2020
Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash

Election day is tomorrow. Hopefully, Trump’s Reign of Terror is coming to an end. Since his election, America has seen civil unrest unlike anything its seen in decades. This began with Trump’s “hate rallies” while on the campaign trail prior to his election in 2016. At these campaign stops, he regularly egged on his white supremacist followers with promises to Make America White, I mean Great, Again. This catchprase is incendiary because when was America ever great? Was it during slavery, Jim Crow, or any other point in history when Black Americans were disenfranchised and subjected to brutality and an absence of basic human rights because America was never great for us. Or maybe it was when minority groups, including women, immigrants, and homosexuals were legally discriminated against. Apparently so, and as such, the red hat has come to symbolize American bigotry.

During Trump’s term, “white nationalist hate groups in the US have increased by 55% and the increase in hate groups includes many which openly advocate violence, terrorism, and murder, and ‘accelerationist’ groups who believe mass violence is necessary to bring about the collapse of our pluralistic society.” This increase is directly related to Trump’s time in office and his pandering to right wing extremists, including his refusal to denounce white supremacist and hate groups. So much has gone on during Trump’s reign that its hard to keep up with the chaos and divisiveness he has stoked. Here’s a cheat sheet in case you’ve forgotten.

  1. Stand back and stand by. During the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Trump was asked to denounce hate groups. Instead of denouncing them, Trump told the Proud Boys to stand back and stand by. Since then, the Proud Boys have proudly used this as their slogan. What did this mean exactly? Clearly it was a call for some type of civil unrest and violence between the Proud Boys and those they disagreed with.
  2. Trump Caravan On Friday, a caravan of Trump supporters, flying flags in support of Donald Trump, surrounded a Biden tour campaign bus in a bid to intimidate and run the bus off the road while traveling to a Biden campaign stop. Trump later tweeted, “I LOVE TEXAS!” Days before the most contentious election in recent history, instead of diffusing the situation, Trump again gave his…
Rosalyn Morris