Has Netanyahu Finally Gone Too Far?

Rosalyn Morris
5 min readMay 14, 2024
Photo by Emad El Byed on Unsplash

Its’ been clear since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas War that Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was going to do exactly what he wanted to do, despite warnings from the international community, and the United States who has bankrolled Israel’s military for decades, to slow down or stop.

To the surprise of no one who’s been paying attention, Netanyahu has both rejected a ceasefire with Hamas and began a ground invasion of the southernmost city of Gaza, Rafah, where the overwhelming majority of the population had fled for safety since the start of the war.

Of the one million Gazans who were sheltering in Rafah, from north and central Gaza, almost half have had to move again, in hopes of avoiding rockets, bombs, and gunfire. As reported by the BBC

On Tuesday morning, Unrwa posted several photos showing empty streets in Rafah which were packed with tents and makeshift shelters before the start of the Israeli operation on 6 May.

Families had fled in search of safety, it said, but added: “Nowhere is safe. An immediate ceasefire is the…