I Am Not Great. I Am Good. And That Is Good Enough.

Rosalyn Morris
2 min readNov 29, 2022
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I am a creative. I am a fiction writer and a poet. I am also an essayist.

I am good at what I do, and I am extremely proud of that.

However, I am not great.

Nor do I aspire for greatness.

I can’t say what other writers do or don’t (aim for). I do know that it takes a certain amount of confidence, and ego, to decide that you want to become a creative.

Why, you might ask.

Because being a creative isn’t easy. Writing isn’t easy. Writing a book isn’t easy. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

It’s a process that comes with a tremendous amount of effort and self-doubt.

It’s also a process that, unfortunately, puts you in contact with people who will also doubt you and your ability. They will do this in subtle, and not-so-subtle, ways.

They’ll surely tell you that their friend, mother, or uncle’s dogwalker also wrote a book. They will ensure you that this book was good, or bad, depending on how they want to make you feel. And, of course, they will tell you that their friend/mother/uncle’s dogwalker wrote and published their book in three weeks.

I’ve sometimes had the opportunity to read these books before, and I’ll just say, only a few of them should have ever seen the light of day.

I actually work at my craft.

Still — I don’t aspire to greatness.

The good thing is that you don’t have to be great to succeed. You don’t even have to be great to achieve wild success if that is your dream.

As a society, we balk at just being good enough. We balk even harder at being average.

The truth, however, is that greatness is rare.

I am a good writer, and that is good enough for me.


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Rosalyn Morris