If You Have Symptomatic Covid-19, Please Go To The Doctor

Rosalyn Morris
6 min readJul 29, 2022
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


I’m on my seventh day with Covid-19, and this is my first day waking up feeling decent…and I still feel iffy. My sense of taste and smell are not 100% back. I could not taste my toothpaste when I brushed my teeth this morning nor could I smell my soap when I showered. My nose is still stopped up, and I’m still coughing up green goo. Sorry, but it’s true.

It’s been a rough ride — made rougher by the fact that I didn’t go to the doctor’s office until the fifth day — Wednesday.

Right now my temp is 99.2, and I just cannot get it down to its normal 98.6 even though I’ve been taking Tylenol/Advil consistently. At 10:30, I can take my morning dose of Paxlovid and my antibiotic. I can also have some more cough syrup.

Before this, I was starting to think that I was one of the people who couldn’t catch COVID-19. I worked in-person at the beginning of COVID, right after lockdown, when there really weren’t any reliable treatments. I was exposed to COVID-19 multiple times. Sometimes it seemed like everyone around me got it but I didn’t.

Or, I thought I’d had COVID already, but was asymptomatic so I didn’t know it.

Never speak too soon…

I woke up on Saturday feeling bad, but it felt like allergies. My throat was itchy and I had that under the weather feeling. The night before, I also had a really bad stomachache. It was a stomachache like one I haven’t had since I was a child. The only thing I could attribute it to was too much of Wendy’s ghost pepper ranch sauce with my chicken nuggets.

I managed to go on about my day Saturday, but I was sluggish, and I got a late start. I took an at-home COVID test, and I tested negative.

Pay close attention to this: my mom spent the night with me on Saturday. We got takeout and watched movies.

I woke up on Sunday feeling pretty bad. Still, I tested negative again when I took an at-home test.

By the middle of the day, however, I was sick and I knew it. I was running heat in my car — probably because I had a fever and didn’t know it. I was cold! My throat was on fire. My nose was itchy. I didn’t feel like I’d been slammed into…