It’s Not A Woman’s Place To Fall In Love

Rosalyn Morris
5 min readSep 8, 2023
Photo by LaShawn Dobbs on Unsplash

It is not a woman’s place to fall in love.

I can honestly say that’s a lesson I’ve been taught my entire life by the women in my life.

One of my favorite people, God rest her soul, told me at about 80 years old that she had never loved a man her entire life. Emphasis hers. Of course this didn’t stop her from having three husbands, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. And lovers. Lovers even in her older age. Something that I got a kick out of.

In my family, being emotional over a man will get you…shamed. Expeditiously.

You may not agree with me but I will explain myself.

It is not a woman’s place to fall in love.

Think of any happily married or coupled woman you know?

Would the first thing you say is she’s got a husband/partner who loves/adores her or vice versa?

A woman’s place is to learn to love the man who falls in love with her.

While I don’t think it’s necessarily easier that way, I think it makes women happier.

When women are loved, properly, it improves their lives and their outlook on the world.

I always say that if a woman isn’t loved the right way, she’s best to be left alone.

Women are meant to be cherished, adored, honored, and loved on.

Women glow this way.

Men are to be valued, respected, and loved for providing that.

Do you ever talk to couples — men and women — about their relationships?Why they work? Why their relationships in the past didn’t?

I do. I’m a curious person. And people find me easy to talk to.

One woman told me she spent her entire life in relationships with men who did not love her. She could honestly say, despite being divorced, that she had never been loved by a man. She said she always went for men who excited her. It was all about how the man made her feel. One woman told me her ex-husband might have loved her at some point, but he loved her money more. When he met a woman who had more, that’s where he went. One woman said she regretted choosing her husband over the man she left him for because she…