Leonardo DiCaprio And The Online Debate Over Men Who Refuse To Date Their Age

Rosalyn Morris
6 min readSep 1, 2022
Photo by Georges Biard via Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under CC By-SA 3.0

Thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio, 47, breaking up with his latest girlfriend, a 25-year-old,Camila Morrone, there’s been a lot of online discussion about men dating younger women. Well, men who exclusively date younger women.

The running joke, if you think it’s funny, is that DiCaprio, a man who is pushing 50, refuses to date women over 25. When they turn 25, he dumps them, so that he can find a woman whose even younger. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

And him dating a woman his own age— forget about it. As DiCaprio gets older and the women get younger, it gets creepier and creepier. Is he going to be doing this in his 50s and 60s? With teenagers still?

Here’s the chart someone made:

DiCaprio’s Titanic days are long gone and there was a 22-year age difference between him and his ex, Morrone. As you can see, he started dating her at the barely legal age of 19. He literally met her for the first time when she was 12 because her stepfather, at the time, was Al Pacino.


Her mother is 40 years younger than Al Pacino, by the way…

Opinions about whether it’s right or wrong for men to solely date women on the basis that they are younger…much younger…flooded the internet. While most women think it’s wrong, and there were plenty of men to defend it— there were still some men who thought it was wrong. Also, some women didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Check out this viral clip where a 33-year-old man tells why he only likes to date women between the ages of 21–25.

This led other men online to espouse what they view as the benefits of exclusively dating younger women.

None of it sounded good.