More Things I Like About Getting Older

Rosalyn Morris
4 min readMay 15, 2024
Photo by Claudia Love on Unsplash

My time is limited.

This is a fact. For the majority of us. I haven’t gotten a terminal diagnosis or anything like that, and I don’t have a reason to believe I’ll be leaving this Earth anytime soon. Yet, I am more aware now than ever that time is not forever. **Thats a reference to Poetic Justice, the movie, if you didn’t get it.** And, I’m going to keep it real for a minute, so many people are dying lately, especially younger people. It’s scary. I don’t know if it’s covid, or the covid vaccine, but I’m almost certain it has something to do with the pandemic. Because my time is limited, I can only focus on so much. You can overload anything, and that includes your mind. Even when your intentions are good, it’s not good for you. And what I’m going to spend my time focusing on is what’s important and what matters. What makes my life better, my family’s lives better, and the lives of the people around me. Also, the world. I cannot worry about things that are trivial, insignificant, or what I cannot change.

Also, I can only save myself, and that’s most important.

Something is better than nothing.

I used to kinda hate the saying something is better than nothing. Especially if “something” wasn’t something I wanted. Now, in a myriad of ways, I have come to love and…