President Biden Tripped Over A Sandbag And Ageists Are Losing It

Rosalyn Morris
2 min readJun 4
image via Twitter

I think President Biden is a great role model for being mentally competent and doing great things in your senior years. I think he’s a great example for why we should listen to the wisdom of our elders instead of “putting them out to pasture” or forcing them out of the job field.

On Thursday, Biden tripped while handing out diplomas at the US Air Force Academy commencement on Thursday in El Paso County, Colorado.

Ageists used this as a way to say Biden was incompetent, frail, and too old to run for re-election. They made it seem that he tripped because of poor coordination due to his age.

This isn’t true. Biden tripped over a sandbag that was not supposed to be on the stage.

I would have tripped over the sandbag if I didn’t know it was out there. You probably would have too.

Also, Biden got right back up with the help of the Secret Service, and walked himself back to his seat. Many people half his age wouldn’t have gotten back up on their feet as swiftly.

President Biden was not hurt.

The most important question I have is — are we doing this again in 2024?

Because of nitpicking, are we going to hand the presidency over to a fascist Republican?

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Rosalyn Morris