The Black Cops Who Murdered Tyre Nichols Have Been Fired: Why Can’t They Do The Same To White Cops?

Rosalyn Morris
3 min readJan 22, 2023
Photo by Sean Lee on Unsplash

Don’t get me wrong — I think the Memphis Police Department is doing the right thing. The five Black cops, who turned on their own brother for the blue, should be fired. They murdered a man, a Black man, by beating him so badly it subsequently led to his death. While the video has not been released, I’m sure it’s awful. These five men, most importantly, took a life. They also learned, the hard way, that they don’t have the complexion for protection. They are Black first, blue second, and they were not backed by their blue brethren. They were fired — not placed on administrative leave — and their names and photographs have been released. The bodycam evidence will also be released for Nichol’s family to see, as it did not magically disappear.

The video should shine more light, and the family will review the dashcam footage from the five fired and disgraced police officers tomorrow. The videos must be brutal for the Memphis Police Department to act so swiftly.

Tyre Nichols was only 29-years-old and originally from Sacramento, California. He moved to Memphis, TN recently to be closer to his mother.

He is described as a kind, God-fearing man who did not do drugs and who did not like to drink alcohol.