Trump Says He Won’t Accept Losing Election Results

Rosalyn Morris
4 min readMay 6, 2024
Rioters storm the U.S. Capitol. January 6, 2021.

Donald Trump is letting us know what we already knew — that he will not accept the election results this November if he loses. Who’s surprised? This is the same clownery — no, not clownery — but treasonous, insurrectionist, refusal to concede power, barbaric, criminal rhetoric that Trump spewed in 2020 when he lost. And we all know what happened after that.

As reported by the Washington Post

Trump told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in an interview Wednesday that he would accept a loss in Wisconsin in November “if everything’s honest.”

“If everything’s honest, I’d gladly accept the results,” said Trump, who was in Wisconsin for a rally. “If it’s not, you have to fight for the right of the country.”

Trump also told the Journal Sentinel that he anticipates that the state’s 2024 elections will be honest, adding that “a lot of changes have been made over the last few years.” The former president said he would “let it be known” if he thought something was wrong with the election results.

This is devious double-talk from Von Schitzenpants. If he’s the winner, then magically everything will be fair and honest. If he’s the loser of the election, the results will be rigged and unfair.