Israel-Hamas War

Why Isn’t it Acceptable to Be Pro-Palestine?

Rosalyn Morris
7 min readApr 30, 2024
Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

The Israel-Hamas War has surpassed its 200th day with no end in sight. The people of Gaza have been carpet bombed, deprived of food, and displaced from their homes with almost zero certainty they’ll ever be able to return. The Israeli government claims its fight is to eliminate the elusive Hamas, but it’s uncertain if that goal was ever possible. While the Israeli military has managed to kill 30,000 civilians, they’ve only self-reported killing 13,000 of the known 30,000 Hamas militants in Gaza. As reported by the BBC,

Before 7 October, Hamas was thought to have about 30,000 fighters in Gaza, according to reports quoting IDF commanders.

In a recent statement, the IDF said it had killed about 13,000 Hamas fighters since the start of the war, although it did not say how it calculated that figure.

Israel also publishes the names of individual Hamas leaders it says have been killed.

A total of 113 people have been named in this way since October, the overwhelming majority of whom were reported killed in the first three months of the war. By comparison, the Israeli army did not report any senior Hamas leaders killed in Gaza this year until March.