You’re Sick of Wearing A Mask and I’m Sick of People Getting Sick and Dying

Rosalyn Morris
3 min readApr 4, 2022
Photo by Brian Asare on Unsplash

Don’t say you’re tired of COVID, because we all are…because acting like a problem doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away.

It seems that America is done with COVID. If you don’t think so, look around you. Everywhere you go, no one is wearing masks anymore. Stores have dropped their mask mandates for employees and customers. I have gone into several establishments this week that didn’t have anyone wearing a mask. I was the only one, and people were looking at me crazy. Last night I went to pick up a pizza. No one was wearing a mask or social distancing. The lady and her daughter behind me got so close to me I thought they were trying to jump on my back. I’ve also gotten dirty looks from people while I’m wearing my mask. I don’t care anything about that, but it bothers me that the country has learned nothing over the past two years.

I’m stunned and appalled.

I know what happened initially. First, there was the Trump presidency. Trump didn’t do anything to educate the American people or stop the spread. In fact, he spread misinformation and had his followers saying that COVID wasn’t real, and that they weren’t wearing masks or social distancing.

Basically, COVID became political. A virus that kills and does not discriminate became political. I can’t even make that up. Americans are stupid, I’m sorry to say.

Then, it became racial. Black people, and other people of color, were dying at higher rates, so many white people decided to no longer care about it. If you don’t believe me, a study proved this.

“Reading about the persistent inequalities that produced COVID-19 racial disparities reduced fear of COVID-19, empathy for those vulnerable to COVID-19, and support for safety precautions. These findings suggest that publicizing racial health disparities has the potential to create a vicious cycle wherein raising awareness reduces support for the very policies that could protect
public health and reduce disparities.”

Now, here we are, a whole two years later, and we’re repeating a vicious cycle. Sure, 65% of the American population is fully vaccinated. I think that’s decent considering…Americans are stupid.

Rosalyn Morris